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2009 Spring Concert Tour -- Day 5

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by , 04-24-2009 at 03:25 PM (8329 Views)
Well, I started early this morning to post yesterday's blog. I was almost finished when my laptop deleted the entire post! We had to get on the road at that point, so I will post yesterday's blog now, and today's later this evening.

We traveled from Santa Fe, NM to Lubbock, TX. There were lots of wide open spaces, and it was very windy again today.

We stopped in Santa Rosa, NM to do some sightseeing, and to drive on a piece of the old Route 66 Hiway.

We found a new (to us) restaurant in Lubbock, an "order at the counter, comes with salad bar" type of place. The prices were very reasonable and the food was very good. So if you ever run across a "Bryan's Steak" somewhere give them a try.


p1 - This was the view out the car window as we sat and waited for road construction. We were about 50 miles SE of Santa Fe.

P2 - We stopped at the Route 66 Auto Museum for awhile. The street running past the museum is Route 66 (or used to be, it is Hwy 84 now).

P3 - 1957 chevy convertible. This was the "dream car" for most of the guys in my high school (a long time ago).

P4 - Chevy Corvette convertible. This was the "real" dream car! I am not sure what year this one is, maybe 1965?

P5 - 1939 Dodge. This car was restored in 2007, and then driven the length of Route 66, from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL.

P6 - Ford "Woody". About a 1953?

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