EM1 setting issues

by Dennis Hunt

Good evening, my first visit to this forum therefore I apologise if this topic has been raised before.
I am very new to the EM1 and just setting it up.

I want to have live histogram, live shadow/ highlight blinkies and live exposure changes visible in both led and evr.

i have achieved this on rear led screen but evr shows histogram and blinkies BUT these and the viewfinder exposures do not change when adjusting the exposure compensation dial, in A or S modes, or any adjustment in manual mode.

Assistance appreciated...thanks

This was back in June. I was renting the 300/4 lens. Set up on my old Bogen tripod in the woods on the river bank - focused on the nest until all the young eagles came back to their home nest. They didn't stay but maybe 30 minutes. They were across the Cuyahoga River and railroad tracks near the Station Rd Bridge entrance to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. For me the lens performed very well, but is very heavy.

I enjoyed coming out and watching the eagles as they matured and it was very satisfying to see all three of them take flight finally. I was told a few weeks earlier that one had fallen on its first attempt to fly from a branch and was very glad to see it doing well.

From Namibia

by Don Baldwinson

My wife took off for Namibia, so I gave her my E-M1, 12-40 f2.8 and the light little m43 75-300mmII which lots say is not very good. She took most of her shots with it!
She is famous for camera shake and not very techy, so I set it on Program, IS on and showed her how to revolve the rear dial for exposure compensation, DON'T touch any other controls and that was it.
She did well. Just back last night. I will send more another time.
You need to click the images twice here to see at their best. On my desk top they are very very good.

The chicks continued to grow rapidly --unbelievable rate for all birds, I always think. Note in the first shot, that the male Eagle has brought in a gopher, and the chick in the foreground is grabbing it by the head!
Two chicks hatched, and both made it out of the nest just a week ago. Good parents, who have done this numerous times before, I'd guess. The last shot, of the big mom, with head straight up, looks like she is screaming ...actually, it was a yawn.
It was a priviledge to get these glimpses of what goes on in the nest of the iconic Bald Eagle.

Black and White Shadow

by Robert Watcher

Tree on a Wall

by Robert Watcher

Tree on a Wall

Fire Drill

by Robert Watcher

Singing The Blues

by Phinehas

A local blues band in a small town square.

July 9, 2016
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

Just in time.

by Daniel Bradley

We have wanted for a while to go out to a friends vineyard to get some pictures of the Hoopoe and her chicks that reside in a nesting box put up by a local Hoopoe expert, but one thing and another, we didn't get around to it till today, and only then because someone else canceled. The local guy has set up a portable hide, and without that, there is no chance. They are VERY shy, and if anyone is around, they won't come near.
We got there just in time to see one of the young ones sticking his/her head out of the box.

A couple of minutes later the mother showed up with a worm, fed the chick and hopped up on the post that the box is attached to.

Suddenly a big fat Common Buzzard flew over, and both Hoopoe took off like lightning in different directions. Half an hour later the mother showed up again with a worm, but there was no one there to take it.

She stayed around for maybe 10 minutes, and slowly wandered off, worm in beak, maybe looking for the young one. That was it. No more Hoopoe till next year.

All E-M1+Canon 400/5.6, ISO 200.

Hi guys,

I am looking to see if anyone here shoots on an Olympus epl7 that then edits through apps and uploads to
instagram without having to crop the shot to fit. I am shooting with my setting on 1:1 though for some reason are unable to do so as a full picture.