Got a call at midnight from one of my friends that the aurora is out again tonight! By the time I got out of the house and into a shooting location, I think I may have simply missed the biggest fireworks, but still, got one pretty good shot.

Not carrying my camera with me most of the time means I can miss some neat opportunities.....

But wait.......My phone has a camera! :doh:



Volcano Tree

by Robert Watcher

I couldn't resist the look of this large singular tree, sculpted into the contours near the top of the volcano we were climbing.

Kids On The Wall

by Robert Watcher


Walking around the poorer northern regions of the city - I noticed a bunch of children playing the game of marbles in the dirt, by the door of a building where tortillas are being made.

I talked with them about their game, and then asked if I could take their photo. Some agreed and some where shy - - - so I popped my head into the shop and asked the woman inside if it would be OK to take their picture. She agreed and that seemed to relax the kids.

They ran and lined up on the tall wall. At first I wanted them to be closer together compositionally. But it turns out that the spacing and way they positioned themselves, is far preferred to me.

Street Butcher

by Robert Watcher

OK :: so you put together a group of women on a blazing hot day - carry a wood table out into the street - lay a full animal carcass across the table - and wait for customers to walk by and tell you what cut of meat they want - - - OH and you add a Curious and Hungry Street Dog to the mix.

THAT IS YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD BUTCHER SHOP NICA STYLE (at least in some of the extremities of the city)

if you have the stand alone version dont do the upgrade to 6.2( i think thats what version it made, not sure what version I was on), since I did I can no longer sync or import new photos and lots of others having the same issue,, not sure if you have a choice on CC
if anyone has done it, does you import and snyc folders work for you?

Slowly catching up...

by Daniel Bradley

...on my "work". We were gone a lot this summer and I am just now beginning to process everything. Here are a few random shots...
(click to enlarge)

Juv. Long Eared Owl in Hungary. E-M1 on 600mm scope.

Greenshank, Germany. E-M1, 600mm scope + EC-14.

Red Footed Falcon, Germany. E-M1 on 600mm scope. Bit of a rare sighting in those parts....

Bar Tailed Godwit among a bunch of Dunlins. E-M1 with Canon 400/5.6. Not often I can nail birds in flight with this combination!

And one of my favorites,

The Birdwatcherwatcher...

This guy was so interested in some duck on a pond, of which there were hundreds, he never saw the Kestrel that landed right under of his nose!:D
E-M1 with Canon 400/5.6.

Metabones Smart Adapter

by Daniel Bradley

The Metabones Smart Adapter for Canon lenses on mFT bodies with phase detect AF (E-M1!) has gotten a new firmware update that now allows fast and accurate S-AF! C-AF is not (yet) possible. A friend in Germany has been testing on with a Canon 400/5.6 (my favorite lens on the E-M1) and the AF and IS work a treat. Only problem is it is a bit of a juice hog and only about 120-130 shots are possible with one battery. It can however be powered with an external USB 5V power pack, a bother to have to carry around, but it should get the total back up around 600 shots.
I will probably try one and will keep you posted. It makes a jewel of a lens very attractive.

First one, I think, is a Baird's Sandpiper.
Next, an immature Ring-billed Gull.
and a Double-crested Cormorant (juvenile).
Eared Grebe. (Lots of diving birds, like this one and the Cormorant, have unusual eyes.)
Amercan Avocet (in non-breeding colors; in the Spring it would have a gold head & chest. The slate gray water that day was reflecting thick smokey skies from forest fires, making for dull light).

E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc.

I am new here.
I am tempted to ditch my Sony A mount body and get an Olympus micro 4/3 body. But I like my A mount lenses. Can anyone advise please if there is a fully functional adapter on sale to fit my lenses on a 4/3 body? I have Googled but I am not clear about the quality or functionality of the adapters I found.
Any advice gratefully received.