Went to an outdoor fund raising event at a local winery yesterday with the em-1 and the 75-300. I've never used any of the art filters on any of my Olympus cameras with any seriousness so I thought I'd give the grainy B&W filter a shot since I lean to B&W more often than color. I did some slight adjustments in LR because, for myself, I found some areas a bit too dark but it was minimal. Don't know if this is for most but I was really pleased, and surpised, with the results.

These are mother/daughter pics. I work with the little girls mom.

As always I appreciate any views and comments.

KeltoI Winery by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

KeltoI Winery by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

KeltoI Winery by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

KeltoI Winery by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

Photographers often speak of getting the "golden light" appearing right at sunrise/sunset and that lasts just a short time. This first shot demonstrates that quality rather nicely. The second is from mid-afternoon.

This nest is new to me this year. However, it can be said that no Great Horned Owl nests are "actually" new --since they never build nests themselves; instead, they take over those from Red-tailed Hawks, etc.
E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc.

When walking in the woods, this big Great Horned Owl held still for a while. At this time of year, they are never far from their nest, so that accounts for it not flying off immediately. Beautiful creature, one of my very favorite birds. In the second shot, a Northern Flicker flew in to keep tabs on the big predator.

E5, 300/2,8 & EC-20 tc (2X), ISO 400, F 5.7, 1/1600", hand-held, cropped.

Fast Shooting

by Robert Watcher

A favourite setting for my Pen cameras when shooting as I am walking around, is a Custom Shutter Speed Priority setting. I have made my settings the way that I want and then assign that configuration to the Shutter Speed dial. This way, when I turn my camera on with the dial set to S, these settings are available even if I have adjusted them previously.

I am generally working with my 14-42 kit lens for fast street shooting, so find that a preset of 1/500'th second works well. I then am able to use Auto ISO and set those values at ISO 3200 max and 400 min. SAF with face priority as I am generally including people in my shots. Image Stabilization is off as I have found a doubling of the image on occasion when shooting with a faster shutter speed while IS is on.

I shoot very quickly and walk up on scenes and disappear just as quickly, and these settings suit me well in most conditions. This evening my wife and I went out for our last restaurant meal in Leon before heading home on Monday, and while walking home I had my camera in hand and was just firing on subject matter that I came across. Here are a small selection in the order that they were taken:

With this last shot I was almost right on top of the kid at a street corner, where he was peeking around the edge. As soon as I took the shot, he called his buddy and went running away. Anne was a bit ahead of me and had noticed that they threw a small black package onto the street, and were watching to see what happened when cars drove over it. The boy was obviously so intent on that, that he didn't notice I was grabbing this shot. I triggered the shot by tapping my tipped out LCD screen.

My 12-60 developed a weird issues. At 12mm it wont focus at all or the motor goes all erratic. I can focus on objects really close to the lens like a macro shot. This is when shooting through the normal view finder, if I use the lcd screen it focuses normally. I just updated the firmware and same issue still persists. Any ideas?

Killing Time : Black & White

by Robert Watcher

Looks like a staged shot - but it is candid, unmanipulated.

A friend of mine, took one of the kids skateboards and was doing tricks down the street. Their eyes were on what was going on around. Two watching my friend, and the other talking to a young fellow who was passing behind me.

This is the area they were hanging out when we approached them. The boy in the back kept moving around - sometimes standing behind the boy on the left side. I waited or adjusted my position until I got this good symmetry (without giving any direction). In fact when the boy in front noticed I was taking a photo of him, he shyly turned away from me and that was the end of shooting. We then just watched together.

Killing Time

Olympus E-PL5 w/14-42 kit lens @14mm : 400ISO fast shutter speed : Taken at 1:20PM

These loooong-billed shorebirds nest on the inland prairies, so I get the chance to see them. They greatly prefer native grasslands, but that is getting harder to find.
Most of these are very skittish, but found this pair that was more relaxed, so able to get a few shots. E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, hand-held on sandbag; serious crops.

Barred Owl

by jnicklin

This fellow sat in a tree in my backyard for several hours the other day. Didn't mind my presence at all.

I was fortunate enough to acquire a 150 this year and what an amazing piece of glass....

While working this winter at the RV Park I was challenged to cover a golf tournament within the park. I decided that the people were the tournament and stayed back well away from the action and used the 150 to capture some candid portraits of the action....








Most never knew they were being shot and the smiles were from the fun they were having....



It was just a temporary pause that this Western Meadowlark made on the Bluebird nest-box, I'm sure.

E-5, 300/2.8 lens plus EC-20 tc (2X), ISO 400, F 6.3, 1/1600", hand-held & braced
with sandbag on car window, severe crops.