...the law being, "There's Always a Stick in the Way." At least, it seems like that, since it happens a lot. And it functioned in my one-and-only shot ever of a Northern Goshawk. I can't recall even seeing one before. So, I guess I should be glad to get even this one.
The shot came just after it had chased a bird (and missed), which was fun to see. This raptor has a long tail and relatively short wings, well adapted to flying in thick cover and maneuvering through wooded areas in search of prey.
E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, cropped.

The Directors

by Phinehas

Panama City, FL Oct 2015

The Directors
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

DXO Tryout

by Don Baldwinson

I'm going down with cabin fever. The E-M1 is AWOL at Olympus because the body rubber peeled off, and C-AF no longer works. All approved under extended warranty, but over a month now and the parts MAY be here from Japan and installed by Xmas! Xmas is our holiday season........
Anyway, I played with the Panny G5 my wife uses, in the garden with the Oly 40-150 pro fitted. It worked nicely, an under rated camera I think and lens focus was fine. Only problem is, it can barely focus 4/3 lenses, and not at all with an EC14.
Anyway, using DXO Optix Pro Elite, and for the first time playing with Prime noise reduction and Lens Softness (instead of USM sharpening), I thought the result was very nice after comparing with LR. The Prime setting must be doing a heap of work because the file takes ages to save, but worth it for one-offs.


New firmware is out with what looks like a ton of changes:


For the E-M1:

  • Focus Bracketing
  • Focus Stacking
  • Advanced Focus Peaking
  • Silent Mode
  • Improved Anti-Shock Mode
  • Advanced Olympus Capture
  • S-OVF
  • 4K Time Lapse Video
  • Live Composite on OI.Share
  • Manual Focus Clutch Disable
  • Menu Cursor Memory Position
  • Movie Image Stabilization with 5-Axis Optical IS and Digital IS
  • 24p/25p Frame Rate
  • Movie Info Display
  • Movie Rec Start with RM-UC1 Release Cable
  • Time Code Settings
  • M-IS1 and M-IS2 image stabilization options
  • Slate Tone
  • Synchronized PCM Audio Recording in Video

Honestly, 24p alone is enough to make me consider switching to an E-M1. They are pretty cheap nowadays anyways.

E5 manual

by Guy Roberts

I have been going through the owners manual for the E5 to try to learn all of the features the camera has.
The thing is I find it disjointed and difficult to follow.
Does anyone know of a clearer but comprehensive guide to the camera?

"I got a million of 'em." So said the comedian Roger Dangerfield about jokes. In looking at my elk pictures, I have something of the same sentiment about those. But these are the last I'll send.
To me, the bugling of the elk is one of the most primative, primeval, haunting sounds in nature, the others being the howl of the wolf and the call of the Sandhill Crane. Will have to wait another year for the elk drama, when I hope to get more shots of the actual battles with antlers interlocked, etc. (Pic # 3 shows that a tine has been broken off the left antler of that bull; it gets violent.)
The final shot shows a young bull trying to get in on "the action," which he did when the dominant big bull was occupied with holding off a rival.

Here's more of the bull Elk "in the rut." The first shot (close crop) really looks wild, this from thrashing the antlers about in the brush. The last pic is of a too-young bull that must have been wondering what all the fuss is about.

A few weeks ago, I spent time getting some photos of bull elk, as they go through the rituals of sorting out the issues of dominance and the right to breed in the herds. I often just wanted to watch the primeval show, but did take lots of shots.
Most from tripod, E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, cropped.

Coming to Guatemala a day ago after spending parts of 4 years in Nicaragua - - - is like NIGHT AND DAY. Guatemala is much more like being in a city in the United States.

We haven't made it to our destination of Xela yet as we wanted to stop on the way and get a taste of the capital Guatemala City and today will be spending time in beautiful Antigua a hour and a half away.

Walking the streets in the centre of town reminds me of our memorable experiences in San Jose, Costa Rica. The main street heading out from the government buildings, is a long strip of people walking, artisans and performers, and stores and malls with everything the eye desires.

I have been warned about the dangers of having a camera in many parts of the city such as here - but I my adventure is to take pictures after all - - - also I was told that I wouldn't have the freedom of taking photos of people and that to take any, I would have to pay them.

At least those were warnings from a few individuals and research on the web prior to coming. But I have heard the same things when we were in Costa Rica and as well Nicaragua - so I will continue to use common sense and photograph the people and the culture as before. I'm only one afternoon into my street shooting, but the experience was amazing and satisfying.

Here are a few of the 700 photos that I took along this stretch yesterday afternoon. For many of my shots I was able to stop and talk to the people for a while, ask their name and tell them my name and that I am Canadian and have moved to Guatemala - which opened up more discussion about the weather and sports. I then asked if I could take their photo - - - including a policeman - and all but one young boy selling toys with his father closely, agreed and requested nothing for it.

Photos taken with mirrorless camera Olympus E-PL5 and 14-42 kit lens.