Learning how to use this combination. I went back and handled my old Olympus cameras.
The E10 and E1 are extremely bulky, the E510 is slightly too big and the EM1 is slightly too small
but the lens, AF, ISO range are so much better.

All are resized & sharpened. The wood duck ducklings is also taken from a 2x in-camera jpeg.

The goslings hatched about Saturday, photographed Sunday, we had a rain storm Monday and the
water level rose, by Tuesday they were all gone. The nest was about 10 feet from the boardwalk.

Sailors Take Warning

by Robert Watcher


View through the window blinds in our bedroom early this morning, was a brilliant red sky. A glass in the foreground, cast an eery owl face with the warm coloured reflections.

We shall see what the day brings!

Have you guys noticed the price drops on Panasonic lenses?

The 42.5mm f/1.2 has gone from $1600 to $1180.
The 35-100mm f/2.8 dropped from $1300 to $880
The 12-35mm f/2.8 dropped from $1000 to $700.

The whole Panasonic lineup is starting to look like really nice bang for your buck.

I thought the 42.5mm f/1.2 would always be out of reach, but now I'm seeing used ones going for as low as $950.

It's amazing how many people have horses in the western states. A few acres --sometimes less-- and people have a horse or two or three as "pets." But there are also ranchers who, in addition to the ubiquitous 4-wheelers that are used for all sorts of tasks, have horses for "working" the cattle. So, still a few cowboys out here.
These shots of a few of that sort of horse were taken with the E-5, 300/2.8 and 2X teleconverter, all either hand-held or lightly braced. The pic of the two horses together was at very long range and doesn't stand much magnification, but I do like the colors.

These three structures in central & southern Montana must have been built about the same time. The old Lutheran Church, with the Crazy Mountains in the background, was constructed in 1914 by Norwegian immigrants. The house is roughly the same, while the log cabin might be somewhat earlier, but not much. The church still looks pristine, the others "not so much." Upkeep, as we know from our own homes, matters --even though it's often a pain.

First Things First

by Robert Watcher

FIRST THINGS FIRST - Tim Horton's is a first priority when returning to Canada after being away for a while.

Need Central America?

by Robert Watcher

Back in my groove in Rural Ontario, Canada. A short break from Central America.



by Robert Watcher

HOWDY One of the best Spirit flights.

Some of the instructions from the lead attendant:

"Flying from Fort Lauderdale to Detroit ... If you aren't going to Detroit, hurry and let me know before the door closes"

"Please turn off your cell phones and electronic devices ... If you are having trouble, we have a 9 year old here in the front who can help you."

After landing in Detroit:

"Letting you know that we have arrived 20 minutes early .... Sorry about that .... Please let your friends know ..... We know that you do when we are 20 minutes late"

After deplaning instructions:

"For those who feel the need to smoke .... Just quit."

I asked the significance of Howdy hand painted on the wing tip. The attendant said is was probably a guy in a cubicle that thought it would be funny.



by Edmunds

While visiting Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side, we ran across this little garden full of hummingbirds. Looks like the guys just set up some feeders and the hummingbirds decided to stick around, as there were no nets or anything, it wasn't a closed space.

All taken with the E-M5 + 75-300