Flat walls

by Robert Watcher


Even in the small farming communities that I have access to (I do not have a car anymore in Canada - and have no access to public transit as is so easily available in Central america), I once in a while comes across something photographically significant from what appears to the eye to be so insignificant.

At 3:00 in the afternoon, this lonely run down grain elevator provided a point of interest with the shadow of the steel ladder running the height of the frame.

Within The Graffiti

by Robert Watcher

Carrying on my daily street shooting from the confines of a small town - while home in Canada for the next couple of months - presents more challenges than with my lifestyle in Central America. But the efforts and massive numbers of photos I have taken in that cultural environment, has changed the way I photograph and see things. And that is good.

As an example, recently I came across 2 walls of colourful graffiti. Vibrant colour is something that I am very comfortable with from living in Nicaragua and Guatemala. In fact I have photographed similar walls in the past. However at those times I tended to find strong element of the graffiti and isolate them.

This time around, I was seeing the graffiti filled wall quite differently. I was not even really noticing the brightly painted walls - - - but natural elements such as clean out grids, alarm bells, door hinges and nobs, patterns of underlying bricks is what my eye was being drawn to as I walked along looking for content.

Those are the very things that I have become accustomed to look for in my travel work. And so the content of the graffiti was less important - it being more just the vibrant and colourful paint job on the elements I was photographing.

Male Mountain Bluebirds are really blue, as is obvious by these shots (no saturation added!). There are lots of bluebird houses built on fenceposts around here, so one can get a shot now and then of the bird on a post or a wire, which is where they usually land. But it's much more difficult to get one on a natural perch that is close enough. So, I was glad to click these. And the great bokeh of this big lens adds to the pic. (The background here was a wooded thicket with no leaves.)
E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, cropped.

Recently, I spent an hour or two watching burrowing owls and got a few shots. These little guys nest underground, mostly in prairie-dog towns. They have what are, to us, comical moments, as they run around hunting mice, grasshoppers, etc., but I'm sure it's serious business to them. They also spend time perched on sagebrush for a bit wider scan of the area.
E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, sandbag on car window, cropped.

Is there a way to set the date/time (to the second) on three bodies? Maybe to set this on three bodies sequentially to the computer date/time? Two shooters are using three bodies, and I want to easily show all images in exact time order. TIA.

This sandhill crane was doing an imitation of a rock on her nest that was located on a pile of weeds in the middle of a pond. Not far from a highway, either, so I think she must spend a lot of time hiding in the motionless mode. Second shot is an extreme crop.
E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, hand-held, braced on side of a fence post.

The 2016 St. Lucia Jazz and arts festival came to a close on Sunday and with artists like George Benson, Air supply, Kool and the Gang and headliner Marc Anthony, I made it my duty to be there!
The show started at 2 pm but due to the open area and harsh Caribbean sunshine I waited for the sun to go down behind the island upon which the event is held so got there around 5 pm which meant that I missed George Benson.

The daylight photos were pretty boring so I have not included any here. Below are some of the better shots using either the 60mm Macro and the Panasonic 20 mm on the EM-5 body.

Air Supply, they are pretty ancient by now but put on a good show!

This is as close to the stage as I could get during Kool and the Gang.

My view across the crowd!

After being squeezed in a bit I moved around to the front to get a better view of the band.

A look behind me showing the large crowd that was there.

The stage lighting at times was incredibly bright!!

Looking through one of the VIP stands.

When Marc Anthony came on the lighting was very dark but I really like this one and is probably my favorite.

From a recent trip to SE Asia, one of the buildings at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.

Perfect day for picture taking.

Learning how to use this combination. I went back and handled my old Olympus cameras.
The E10 and E1 are extremely bulky, the E510 is slightly too big and the EM1 is slightly too small
but the lens, AF, ISO range are so much better.

All are resized & sharpened. The wood duck ducklings is also taken from a 2x in-camera jpeg.

The goslings hatched about Saturday, photographed Sunday, we had a rain storm Monday and the
water level rose, by Tuesday they were all gone. The nest was about 10 feet from the boardwalk.

Sailors Take Warning

by Robert Watcher


View through the window blinds in our bedroom early this morning, was a brilliant red sky. A glass in the foreground, cast an eery owl face with the warm coloured reflections.

We shall see what the day brings!