Nica Life Ain't Our Life

by Robert Watcher

NICA-LIFE PICS - - - Masaya, Nicaragua

We see this type of thing all the time. People sleeping on fast moving vehicles going down busy highways. The guy in front was sleeping too. Just doing it sitting up. Don't know how they don't fall off. Or maybe they do!

NICA-RURAL-LIFE PICS - - - Jinotepe, Nicaragua

OK - maybe you've still seen the odd horse and carriage - - - but when is the last time you've seen cows pulling carts! (Just sitting back and chewing some sugar cane)

NICA-CITY-LIFE - - - Bluefields, Nicaragua

So you've seen a horse and carriage and appreciate cows pulling carts - - - but I ask you? How much would someone have to pay YOU to be the horse or cow that's pulling the cart, weaving in and out of traffic on busy streets. Sometimes without any shoes on. Sometimes hauling carts with wooden wheels! (this guy has it made)

...He stopped to lie down for a rest in this spot and stayed for a photo. (Second one is a crop of the first.) Antlers are in the "velvet," not having shed the soft exterior that provides the growth. The odd thing about this buck's antlers is that his left side does not match his right (normal) configuratiion.
Last pic is of a young buck; deer will look less ratty in a couple months, as they put on their winter coat.
E-5, 300/2,8 & 2X tc, hand-held, cropped.

Mourning Dove (This lens delivers great bokeh)
Ring-necked Phaesant X2(Not only a prairie bird; is abundant in the Midwest, also.)
Blue-winged teal (hen), preening
Red-tailed Hawk
Wilson's Phalarope (which does a "whirling" routine in the water to stir up inverts for dinner)
All shot with the E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, most hand-held/braced.

New York, Summer 2015

by TomServoCA

I spent a week in New York this summer with the E-P2 and the Leica. This one is was made with the E-P2 and the 45/1.8 which, oddly enough, can do a nice job on the streets if you work with it for a while.

Cropped and processed in LightRoom and NIK SilverEFX



by Don Baldwinson

The shot of the hovering before landing bird was using the EM1 and 40-150 pto+1.4 extender, the second action shot the Canon 1D3 and 400mm f5.6.




While vacationing on the Amalfi coast, I was looking for a short stay in a small, quaint Italian town, and being in Amalfi coast made me want to escape mass tourism.

To the rescue comes the nearby region of Basilicata, frequented by far fewer people than most places in Italy, and the most beautiful mountain town that region has to offer is Castelmezzano - a small cluster of houses near the peaks of the Lucian Dolomites.

We rented an apartment for 3 nights and loved every bit of it.

Two Candids

by Phinehas

by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

I know: I almost always photograph birds, and that's what I seek out. However, when something else interesting appears, I shoot that also. That was the case with this family of "rock-chucks." They are much like the woodchucks in the eastern half of the US; these are a bit smaller and lighter in color, etc. Grizzly bears & eagles love 'em.
Taken with the E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc cropped. Hand-held, braced.

adapter help

by rbelyell

i am new to 4/3 having just purchased a Panasonic L1 with leica 14-50/2.8. that rig works great.

i wanted to use my zeiss 120/2.8 pentacon 6 mount on the L1. i have a P6>nikon AI mount adapter with focus confirm chip that i have used well on my kodak slr/n, also nikon mount. i get the green confirm light when subject is in focus.

to use on my L1 the same way i bought a Roxsen nikon AI>4/3 mount adapter, also with focus confirm chip. i turned the 'No Release Without Lens' to 'off on the camera. i attached the lens with P6>nikon adapter to the nikon>4/3 adapter. with camera off i mounted onto my L1.

when i turn on the camera i get an error message which reads Please Turn Camera Off Then Turn On Again. when i do i get the same message over and over. i rechecked all my adapter attachments and theyre all solid.

anyone have any idea whats wrong?


Fire Dancer

by Phinehas

My first serious attempt at doing something like this, action at night. The 45MM 1.8 proved its worth to me. I think they came out 'acceptable'. The young lady was ecstatic when she saw them. It's so rewarding seeing the happiness of someone that you've done something for just for the reason of doing it for them and not for monetary gain.

Fire Dancer
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

Fire Dancer
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

Fire Dancer
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

Fire Dancer
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr