I was hoping for higher...but I'll still take it.

Congrats to anyone else that submitted and made the list.


Tuscany countryside

by Edmunds

Hey guys,

sorry for not being around much lately! I went on a short 5 day vacation, and have been really busy with work afterwards!!

This one's taken from the walls of Pienza, Tuscany. Unfortunately, there was so much haze all days there that I didn't take any of the really great shots I expected to but oh well, I think I made the best of it!

I just bought an E-1 (for fun and for the Kodak CCD)and I would like to have a weatherproof outfit. Is there any prime lens that is weatherproof or do I have to get a zoom in order to go out in the rain?

You Looking At Me!

by Craftysnapper


havent played with this lens much on the EM-1 but tried it out with my new nikon adapter the other day in the yard. 400MM F7.1


Late night street walk - b&w

by Robert Watcher


Hamburguesa Stand Behind the Iglesia - E-PL5 : 14mm : f3.5@1/20'th : 5000 ISO : processing in-camera

Hamburguesa Stand Behind the Iglesia - E-PL5 : 14mm : f3.5@1/13'th : 5000 ISO : processing in-camera

Pulperia Across from the Iglesia - E-PL5 : 14mm : f4.5@1/60'th : 5000 ISO : processing in-camera

Pulperia Across from the Iglesia - E-PL5 : 14mm : f4@1/50'th : 5000 ISO : processing in-camera

I love the E-M1. My keeper rate has shot up an order of magnitude from the E-3. The colours in the EVF were stunning but I put that down to jazzed up jpegs till I viewed the raw pics in LR and saw that the colours are still there. It seems Oly and Adobe are finally talking.

One issue, a couple of my ORF's could not be read by LR5.7 yet Viewer 3 could read them. Has anyone else had this issue?

Been a while since I posted a photo here. Last month, I thought I would break out the trusty little XZ-2 for some pano work, so I slapped on the skins and hiked up to the top of Mica Mountain. This is a five shot stitch, handheld, taken in the Cariboo Range near Valemount BC.



Does anyone have this combo (EM1 and old 70-300). The old 4/3 version of the 70-300mm is only $239 refurbished right now (when in stock...also the going ebay price), and I'm thinking of picking one up instead of the m4/3 version...but I sold all my 4/3 glass (and adaptors) a while ago (back when the em1 was firmware 1.0). I don't do a lot of super zoom type stuff, but the longest lens I have is an old pentax 200mm f/4, and I find that lens to be just ok, but wished I had a bit more reach to snap some images of the birds at my feeder (chickadees).
Image quality wise, how does the old 70-300 compare to the m4/3 version?

Contemplating the Host

by TomServoCA

Robson Street, Vancouver BC
E-P2, 20mm
Post in Lightroom and NIK SilverFX

Part of my Conversation and Communion Project