Birds Again

by Don Baldwinson

I'm getting addicted to the new bird feeder, a new experience. I have never thought much of them, preferring birds in the wild. But watching the interaction and precedence has been interesting, if baffling.

The black and white images I liked pretty much as silhouettes, and I did not bring out the dark tones except on the fluttering bird.

E-M1 and Canon 400mm f5.6



These are a Panasonic G5 and 40-150mm pro+1.4x




Yesterday I took my E-1 on a beach walk, taking pictures here and there. At one point I saw that the monitor was not illuminated. The camera still focuses, still shoots, but I can't access the menu, or review shots in the camera. I tried taking the battery out for a couple of hours, hoping it would reset, but no change. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a fix for it?


by davsv1

of fuel..qld raceway EM1 40-150pro with teleconvertor



Trying a Feeder

by Don Baldwinson

My wife was given a feeder for her birthday, so we loaded it up with kiwi fruit and waited with anticipation, never having used one before.
Ringeyes (native NZ Tauhou) arrived in force, so as they are tiny, not much bigger than the kiwi and very flitty, I fetched my Canon 1D and 400mm lens. Focus was immediate but one clang from the shutter and the air was full of bird backsides leaving their landmark heading for the hills!
So, thinking silent shutter, the best long reach M/43 compatible I have is the 50-200+1.4x. On the E-M1 focus was hard to find consistently if at all, no matter which arrangement of points and settings tried. Even turning the camera to portrait didn't make any difference.
Next, the m/43 75-300mm, a simple lens which I find quite reasonable for image quality. Trouble was, it would almost never find focus, and in desperation, the MF on that lens is rough at best. Again, trying the m4/3 40-150+1.4x, but little different to the 50-200 for focus.
Desperation. Onto the E-M1 went my Canon EF to M/43 adapter, with the Canon 400mm f5.6 and manual focus.
Well, persistence paid off and though AF would be nice, I got some sharp shots. Main difficulty was the swaying of the feeder when the birds landed, and the very narrow depth of field. The 2 bird shot shows how narrow this was, only the lower birds eye in focus.






E-M1 and 50-200 in the sun

Yellow-headed Blackbird, Wilson's Snipe, American Avocet, Marbled Godwit
E-5, 300/2.8 & 2X tc, sandbag on car window, cropped.

Some of you may know that Magee Marsh is a warbler migration refueling stop for the spring migration. The peak occurs in mid-May. Depending on the weather the marsh is full of warblers or the board walk is full of birders and photographers. Sometimes everything comes together and both happen at the same time. My timing was off when we went in May. When my daughter came home in late May I wanted to show her the marsh w/o all the birders. We went up on June 5 so we did not find any warblers but we did see a killdeer and a Bald Eagle and its young in the nest. Let me know if the eagle photo is too dark for your display. Taken with EM-1 with 75-300 II


by Don Baldwinson

First I should point out that the action shots are from my 1D and 400mm. Only 3 OOF shots in 760 images. But I should have used a slower shutter speed for more propeller blur.
The aircraft were too far away (150mm+1.4x) and too fast for my E-M1, and it just did not keep up, I did try.

I take both systems to most events, and the Oly works ok for motor racing.
The final two on ground shots here were using the Oly though.
War birds open day, Auckland NZ.












60mm Macro - Walkabout

by Don Baldwinson

Last year I bought the m43 60mm macro but have hardly used it for purpose just yet.
But I found this petite lens does make a very satisfactory walkabout, fast and sharp too.
This was halfway up a cliff with the sand covered swimming dogs, just before my cap flew off to the rocks below. I felt much happier going forward to the top rather than scaling back down, but after some cajoling Astro did the job, and we finished the climb.


PLaying Fields At Night

by Don Baldwinson

I poked my head out the front door last night. Practice was over but the stage was empty.
E-M1 + 40-150pro+1.4x.


Whoa to Go

by Don Baldwinson

From Whoa to Go.

E-M1 and 150mmF2 as the sun dipped under the horizon.