Desktop monitor

by BobT

I have a pretty basic 22" LG LED monitor to do all my Lightroom stuff. I think it's high time I upgraded. Something a little bigger would be good but I'd certainly like something more suited to photography. Any ideas?

Hello! Recently, i have been fascinated with drone-made photos because they are kind of unique. I have found an article with some stunning drone shots so i've decided to share it with you. Please share your thoughts .

Unfortunately, these are not made by me..i wish they were though...
These are just the ones that i found the most beautiful, the full article has 10 photos, if you wish to see them you can find the article here

I haven't used a prime lens since I went digital and I am wondering if there is any appreciable gain in picture quality against today's zooms.
Has anyone got any experience with Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 12mm f/1.4 ASPH lens and if so is it better than the Olympus 12mm f2?


I just picked up a Panasonic MFT G7 body only. I want their 10x 14-140MM lens, but I wonder if the extra 1/2 F stop would be worth the difference in price of $100 (used $300 vs $400) between the older F4 and the current F3.5?

This is a general purpose camera, mostly hobby, but I'm not a newcomer. Except this will be my 1st interchangeable lens camera (and micro 4/3's)

Input please.

Quick em-1 repair

by e10user

The rear dial function was becoming more and more undependable on my em1. I had read that this is a known problem.
I sent my camera in for repair and received it back in 11 days as good as new! I was really impressed by Olympus service.


I know what the manual says about the technical difference between IS-1 and IS-Auto but in practice, what have members found to be the most useful in what situation? Frankly, I don't see any significant difference.

Photo show

by Edmunds

Just returned from a photo show in my home town! Overall, a great experience, I got to handle basically all cameras from all manufacturers except Panasonic.

The new EM1 II sadly, I was not allowed to turn on and there was no battery. They said it ran version 0.7 firmware, so I'm guessing there is still a bit of a way until a finished camera.

I was able to handle all the new lenses, the 12-100mm f/4 and the 25mm f/1.2

The 12-100mm f/4 is large, but not surprisingly so. I think it will make a fine lens for travel situations, or if you want to take a zoom along with one or two primes.

The 25mm f/1.2 however, is large and is surprisingly large. That thing is bigger than the Fuji 56mm f/1.2, and I really think Olympus is going in the wrong direction here. Its kind of like the old 35-100mm f/2, if people remember it. I mean, that thing was flawless, but it was also absolutely gigantic and really expensive, and everyone just kinda wondered why am I using 1/4 size sensor on a full frame size lens. I mean, the 25mm f/1.2 is exactly the same size as the 12-40mm f/2.8 zoomed to 25mm. That is large for a prime lens.

I also handled the 300mm f/4. That thing is a beast. I bet birds drop dead just by looking into it. An E-M5 is basically a lens cap for it. But this is a different shooting discipline with different needs.

I was also able to handle all other cameras that interest me right now, especially the Fuji XT-2. What can I say, guys? Olympus, within its niche, is the best. You put a 17mm f/1.8 or a 45mm f/1.8 or a 9-18mm f/4-5.6 on a PEN-F or an EM-5 II, and you've got a picture quality, size and feature combo that you simply can't get anywhere else. And the options for lenses we have are staggering - for example, Fuji has no direct equivalents for the 12mm f/2 and the 45mm f/1.8 which are two of my most used lenses.

That said, I think that Olympus, and also Panasonic, lately have been on the wrong path. If I want uncompromising picture quality, I'm not going to buy a 4/3" sensor camera. The 42.5mm f/1.2 should have been smaller than the Fuji 56mm f/1.2, not the other way around. I also bet the 300mm f/4 could have been half the size it is now. And the 1/3 of a stop difference between the Oly 25mm f/1.2 and the Pana 25mm f/1.4 is not enough to justify it being over twice the weight and twice the price.

I'm think about picking up a used 4/3 Olympus. One I stumbled across on e-bay had a 47,000 shutter count which seemed really astronomical to me.
What do you guys consider a high (acceptable) shutter count for this type of camera?

Hi folks. I've been a Fuji X-Range shooter for the past few years and Nikon full frame prior to that. I've never really paid much attention the the four-thirds world until recently when my uncle offered me a camera that he doesn't use. I wasn't expecting anything too flash at all but it turns out to be an E-M5 mark i with a 14-42mm kit lens. So then I am assuming that the sensor will have been hammered and the actuation count will be through the roof. It has been taking out of the box once! I kid you not when I say it has taken 2 photos. I've told him that it is worth a few bob in its current condition but he wasn't interested and wants me to have it (I'll have to treat him to a few pints and pub lunch). So, I am going to make forays into the world of four-thirds for the first time in my photographic journey. But first thing is first, are there any firmware upgrades for the mark i and are they still available so long after its release. Just wanted to run it past the forum to see what you guys think.

Hi, I have 1GB CF card made by SanDisk.
This one:

I was going to put it in the E-1 and use it for jpgs due to a small capacity of the card and small pixel size output of this camera. Once I got it formatted I noticed it would take around 32 seconds before I am able to review a photo or press any buttons (menu/info/play) on the camera.

Do you think there is something wrong with this card or camera ?

I will try the newer CF cards and see how they's kind of useless as is.
There is a speed test involving this card on this page but I still don't understand what's the bottle neck in here.
I did format it before I used it.

p.s....i just shot the whole buffer full (11 photos) and it took just under 6 min to write it all on the card.