Spotted a reference to a 25% discount, checked Olympus Canada refurbished list for an omd-e-m1. Yes, they had a listing, added to cart to see if discount code applied in Canada. kept clicking along, filling in required fields, final price before tax---$780---should I? A quick bit of rationalizing, hit the confirm button and added to my airmiles collection.

Now to see about selling something----E-510, had it since new, not a scratch on it, E-1--similar condition, and an almost new Panasonic G-5. Not selling any lenses until I see how my 4/3 collection works on the new camera. Some worked fine for my style while used on the G-5 so even better performance expected on the M-1.

Not expecting big dollars for the old ones but...

Should keep my eyes on the Oly site for a fast prime like the 17mm f2.8---should have added it to my deal--$180 after coupon.

Strangely the US site wanted the same amount but in US funds. Surprising given the exchange rate for Canadian dollars.

Need suggestions on sites with set-up hints etc. John Fosters site is always a good starting point.



A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question about meeting certain requirements for lens needs using 4/3 lenses, and an 4/3 - m4/3 body... (EM5).

Budget constraints drive the approach I am proposing.

Based on your answers then, I purchased a Fotasy adapter (mmf 1,2,3 compatible) and attached my version 1 14-54mm 4/3 lens from my E1, to the Em5.

I am impressed, although the focus speed is a bit slower than I would like. In worst case based on my needs, the version 1 lens focus will work for me. A bit faster would be nice.

My "money is no object" list would have me purchasing the m.zuiko Pro v2.8 (high on my list of desired features) 12-40. But reality prevails. The ideal lens is a $900 lens at current sales price

The current 14-54 gives me 14 on the short end and 14 more mm on the long end, at the cost of 2-6 seconds focus speed.

Enter the 14-54 MKII lens which gives me all the advantages (less 2 mm up front), probably better build and glass, AND is rated to do focus at 1-2 seconds because of the CDAF optimization. I would be happy with this focus level.

I've considered other options, but this option will cost me about $240 shipped for an excellent MKII lens, and I should be able to recapture about $75 or a bit more for my excellent original version 14-54.

BTW, the focus is dead on, and the image capture extremely sharp with the original 14-54 and the Fotasy adaptor ($42)

I am outlining all this for your consideration. Have I left anything out. With the equipment I now have, I think I can move to my desired requirement for a bit over $100. (My real hobby is flying which dominates over photography, and currently I am saving my money to purchase a "Powered Parachute" to do some low level Aerial Photograpy... nothing over 10,000 feet)

So, what suggestions or other thoughts should I consider?

I am using the information from this lens chart to make these decisions.


Airshow was in town

by srf4real

The show was fantastic from my front yard.. the pre-determined point of low flying entry from the north side of runway. I was given little notice and under constant sound bombardment. Thank Heaven's the Blue Angels are on our side!:eek:

Shot with E-5 and 50-200.. hand held under extreme duress :p

Black Dogs in the Surf

by Don Baldwinson

Beautiful late afternoon low light, made the animals gleam.
E-M1 and m43 75-300mmII







43 Rumors Trojan Virus

by jgspitler

FYI: I open 43Rumors today and I got blasted with a Trojan virus. It took me 2.5 hours to fully clean my PC.

If you are reading this, get out and take pictures!

Apparently the L10 accessory eyepiece magnifier VYC0973 is often used by those of us with the L1. I have found it to be a difficult part to order. Panasonic do not really want to sell it. I did find a company that has them in stock and ships out of Maryland, USA. Cost is a reasonable $26.25 plus postage. Mine arrived today in a sealed Panasonic box with Japanese and English text.

It will work on many Olympus models and I think it better than the corresponding Olympus piece.

Since I believe it is against forum rules to post commercial interest, I shall say just PM me if interested. If I am mistaken about posting I will gladly post the link.

Anyone use backdrops?

by jackraider

I am thinking about getting a white or black muslin backdrop to for some indoor photos anyone use them or can recommend any? I was thinking about trying to make one myself but then I found a place where you can have unlimited backdrop rentals for $50 a month. I don't really like too many of them to be honest but they might be fun to play around with.

I've never been able to make fill flash work with my previous film cameras. Now, with an E-P2 and an FL-14 flash, I hope for better. What E-Px settings would work to get subtle fill flash outdoors? I don't want full exposure from the flash--just to lighten shadows. Somehow I need to underexpose the flash without changing the exposure of the available light. Shutter speed is an issue, I know. Also, should I use "auto" or "TTL auto" flash settings?
Would it also help to use a flash cord to hold the camera to one side?
Advice would be appreciated!

Last night there was a major geomagnetic storm, which led to aurora being seen really far south as well. Saw it really well in Latvia, though I had to drive 1,5h away from population centers to get good light (or lack of it, otherwise the aurora looked washed out).

Overall, was an awesome night out, did not go to sleep until 4AM, never seen anything like this before so far south!

All of these taken with the Olympus E-M5 and either the Olympus 12mm f/2 or the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye