by Don Baldwinson

The sensor in the E-M1 is sometimes mildly complained about by Olympus and other users for noise, even at the default ISO200 setting, and more so at higher settings. Auto ISO also. Most often appearing in shots with an expansive clear sky.
Somewhere on a forum, I was picked up on this about one of my displayed images, and while mild noise has never bothered me too much, I listened to his suggestion - "whenever you can, use ISO Low setting", which I believe is actually ISO100.
Well, I have been following his advice since, and I have to say the images are much cleaner and smoother, not just for clear blue skies. Now I rarely use ISO Auto, and have Noise Control (or whatever it is called), OFF. It also helps if you have to crop heavily.
Worth a try.

Boy and Girls

by Robert Watcher


I came onto a street corner and noticed a group of boys standing talking. The composition was good and so I started talking a few shots of them compose with the store wall.

I then noticed their attention being diverted from time to time, and looked to the side of me to see a couple of girls walking up the street towards the store.

There were a few eye glances as the girls entered the store and I kept shooting for some of those interactions.

Fortunately, I kept my camera ready, because maybe a minute after entering, one of the girls popped her head around the corner and got the attention of the boys. After some laughs they all walked away to their destinations.

Window Box

by Robert Watcher

I came upon this pretty little window while walking the streets. The lone plant warmed and softened the bold colours and harsh textures of the surrounding walls.

Beards and Bikes

by Don Baldwinson

The classic races brought out the old-timers, midst a pack of young pretenders. The Oldies did pretty well.
I used my E-M1 and 40-150f2.8 which made good though slightly 'edgy' images when it stopped the action.







Many more keepers with the Canon 1D3 and 400mmf5.6 and slightly nicer IQ, but the Oly is edging closer.





New gear

by Viperman500

It's been a while I haven't been on the forum... Since then, I've bought an EM-10 for my wife (for me too!), a 12-40 and the 25f1.8. It's a step up from my E-5 in terms of image quality. I almost find sometimes though the contrast is a bit too harsh for me, so I have to play with the images in Lightroom... Anyways, here are 2 shots with the new tools. The first one is funny I think!

The last lime standing

by Guy Roberts

Our lime tree has done us proud this year and now there are very few fruit left.
I saw this from the kitchen window so tried out the 50-200 on the em1.
Spot metered, and yes there is a bit of blown out highlight on the lime.


Hello all, haven't been here for a while :)

The bayonet collar on my 14-35 lens keeps working loose, one of the screws has lost some grip which is allowing its neighbours to work loose too. Is it safe to use thread lock on them?


So, back in the day, I used to own quite the array of 4/3 glass, but sold it all in 2013 to go with native m4/3 glass. Well, the other day, I bought a mmf-3 (for $65) because I've been thinking about filling some holes in my current lenses, that and it was a good deal for the mmf-3.

As much as I'd love a 150mm f2, I doubt that I'd ever find one in my price range, but I did find a 150mm f2.8 macro sigma for less than $500, which is more my cup of tea. It would also fill the macro lens hole, as I no longer own the 50mm f2.

Any thoughts on the Sigma...or should I look for something else?

Dear all,

Hope someone can help me because I cannot play the .mov files from my EM-1 on my PC. Not much of a movie person but took some today.

Quick Time Player just gives me a blank black screen.

Windows Media Player will not open the file telling me "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."

Viewer 2 was no use. For a start it just shows me a blank white icon. When I try to open a movie it tells me I have to plug in an Olympus camera that supports .mov etc. once only. Well obviously I plugged in the EM-1 the movie came from but I still get this message over and over. Then Viewer seems to spawn a Windows Media Player window and I am back to where I started with cannot play file etc.

I read an online suggestion that Viewer 3 would work and have downloaded and installed this. It does at least show me a still icon which I recognise as belonging within the movies but otherwise does no more than Viewer 2.

I have read a couple of suggestions to just change the file extension from .mov to .mp4 but this does not work for me

I have read suggestions that I need a codec but these seem mostly to be purveyed by dodgy websites that will download all sorts of trouble as well. There is a Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (6.3.9721.0) for odd cameras and devices which looked promising although it gives no indication of which extra devices it will support in advance of actually downloading it. I dutifully downloaded and installed this (the x86 version as I am running a 32bit Windows 7 – obvious aint it!). Sadly no change whatever.

There are quite a few comments online about the Olympus specification for .mov files being unusual (polite version is enhanced, rude version is unprintable on a polite forum like this).

Obviously I am doing something incredibly stupid but whatever I am doing wrong I am absolutely astounded that Olympus software will not open an Olympus movie! Let alone that Olympus should use a format that no-one else can read.

In all my years of banging my head against walls with intractable software problems (and I worked as a programmer for a couple of years) this one has to take the biscuit.

Can anyone help me? I fear the answer will be to buy a newer computer but I hate the process of setting up a new machine and moving everything across to a new one. The other solution I can think of is to stop taking movies!


Olympus increased market share by 12%. Oly in first place but Panasonic lost 3rd place to Canon, while Sony retains 2nd place.