For some reason I seem to be having trouble getting really sharp images using the ZD 50-200mm at full reach on the E-M1. This is particularly so hand held with IS-1. I don't recall it being such an issue when paired with an E-3. Perhaps I've been spoilt with the sharpness of the other m4/3 lenses. This is pushing me towards the M.ZD 300mm but if it's my technique that's at fault then that may be a waste of money. Is anybody having similar issues?

Hi to all just wondering if anyone has had an issue of the SD card slot not working but the CF still works fine. Have considered a factory reset or sending away for repair but thought I might ask here first.
Cheers Sean

So my Panasonic 12-32 came apart.

I guess its my fault. Panasonic zooms go in the other direction, and all my zooms are Olympus, soooo... I turned it the wrong way.

In my defense, it turns the wrong way really easily (don't try it).

So any ideas? So far I haven't been able to figure out how to put it back together.


by Guy Roberts

Happy new year everyone!
I have been using the auto bracketing on the EM1 and I like the speed at which the pictures are taken, and that each burst represents one photograph, but I find the 2 stops too much of a gap between exposures.
In shooting menu 2 the bracketing stops can be adjusted, but you have to take each shot individually which is a bit fiddly and I find I lose track of how many shots I have taken in a sequence and end up with incorrectly exposed shots, if that makes sense.
is there any way to change the exposure gap between shots in the auto bracketing mode?


Hey fatty

by Edmunds

Looks like someone's put on a bit of weight!

Shot through a window


by Guy Roberts

Firstly I would like to wish everyone all the compliments of the season and a healthy and happy 2017.
Secondly, magazines.
For 2016 I subscribed the Shutterbug, Outdoor Photography and Digital Photo Pro.
I am in the process of renewing my subscriptions and I was wondering what, if any, magazines you read on a regular basis and if you feel that you could recommend them.

Merry Christmas



by Edmunds

Went out for a walk with my neighbour and her dog!

All shot with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8
This little guy is fast, and small! There is motion blur when shot at 1/3200s. Autofocus? When I tried shooting with AF I couldn't even get him into the frame.


by Daniel Bradley

Pushing the limits... 1/40 with 840mm, hand held. ;-)

More test shots with the Sigma 150-600 S on my E-M1 here:

My E-3 was giving back focus with all four of my lenses. I sent it to Creative Peripherals, Mumbai, the authorised Olympus service centre in India, and it came back after three weeks, on 8 November 2016. The problem persisted.

The Creative Peripherals engineer, Mathew Dass, wrote on 22 November, "if you are not satisfied Please send the camera we will check and solve the problem." I asked him, more than once, "What can you do to fix this back focus problem which you failed to do when you had my camera?" No response.

Finally I sent the attached photo and said "I had focussed on one eye of the child. Please tell me if the child's eyes are sharp or the garment of the man."

On Tuesday 06 December 2016 02:08 PM, Mathew Dass wrote:
"As per your attachment I can see little minor back focus problem rest the picture is clear.
"As per your mail this is the best which I could do nothing more can be done as it is your old model."

Of what value is "rest the picture is clear" if the subject is not in focus? Why do cameras and lenses have arrangements to adjust focus?

Here we see the mark of the irresponsible workman. Describe the defect as "little minor" or of no consequence. Second, repeatedly bring up "old model", as if old equipment cannot be repaired or adjusted. Third, implicitly contradict your own statement that you will "check and solve the problem."

I know still photographers have a disdain for digital zoom but for movies it's great. Resolution is not such an issue and as far as cropping a movie in PP, I wouldn't know where to start and have no great desire to learn. I stumbled upon it with the E-M1 while taking a movie of my grandson's nativity play. I was in movie mode fumbling for the movie on/off button when I pressed the Fn2 button twice and lo and behold, there was a movie close-up of my grandson. It turned a so-so home movie into a great one. The IS worked brilliantly even at that magnification.