Olympus 300mm f/2.8

Focusing distance: 240cm / 94.5in
Magnification: 0.15x
Filter size: 43mm
Lens size: ø127mm x 285mm / ø50in x 112.2in
Weight: 3290g / 116.1oz
Construction: 13 elements in 11 groups
Accessories: Drop-in filters (4 types), Tripod adapter (built-in), Hood, Case


Imaging Resource review

Eddie's take on it

$6999 at launch, this lens, nicknamed Big Tuna, is the best telephoto lens for 4/3 and one of the best lenses Olympus produced throughout its whole history.

Sharp at f/2.8 and completely usable with both the EC-14 and EC-20 teleconverters, this lens offers reach like no other 4/3 or even m4/3 lens can (with the EC-20 it is 600mm @ f/5.6). Autofocus performance is reasonably good, but this is a lens from 2004. When used on a m4/3 camera, autofocus speed will not be on par with newer m4/3 lenses.

If you are a m4/3 user, it is a tough choice between this, and the much more reasonably sized, but one f-stop darker Olympus 300mm f/4. Given the slower autofocus speed, it is difficult to justify carrying around this 3,3kg beast.

This lens is already a collectable, and is the highest priced 4/3 lens.