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Four Thirds is shutting down on September 30th.

The site has obviously been dead for quite a while and keeping it up any longer seems pointless. It has stayed on a server with a bunch of other websites, but that server is being decommissioned. Unfortunately, this site's forum software does not work with latest server software (or even pretty old server software, to be honest), and buying new software and updating the site seems pretty pointless.

I'm sorry to everyone things didn't quite work out. I was full of enthusiasm when starting out, but that ran thin pretty soon, and then I switched to Fuji. I still have an Olympus camera in a drawer somewhere, but nowadays I use Pentax 645Z for my portraits and landscapes.

Anyway, good luck everyone!

Focus problems with 90-250mm f2.8


Hello all,

I own the Olympus 90-250mm f2.8. The autofocus is not working properly at all three of the focal settings (near, middle and and far) - whirring a little and not locking on sharp focus... manual focus almost doesn't work at all. Im using an E5 which I recently got serviced. The lens worked fine before sending the E5 away...

For such a beautiful lens, I'm asking if anyone knows of a solution to this? Is it something inside the E5 that needs to be reset or is it really only something Olympus technicians can fix? Olympus probably don't repair these older lenses anymore leaving me with a little bit of a problem.

Any advice would be incredibly welcome.


I have a few very interesting projection lenses that are either impossible to adapt to a reflex camera (because of register), or don't cover full frame. M4/3 would be ideal, but I didn't find on Ebay some of the cheap chinese components that are used for this kind of adaptations by, for example, Sony cameras users. I expected to easily find a flat, non infinity adapter with an M42 thread on the lens side and a m4/3 bayonet on the camera side. Nope, I found plenty of cheap, huge infinity-compatible M42>m4/3 adapters that are of no use if you need to fit an M42 focusing helicoid to a micro four thirds body. The thinner adapters are those for Leica M and LTM. Not wide enough and still too thick.
In the end I decided to buy a cheap set of extension tubes, that has a flat ring with the m4/3 bayonet on one side and a mating female thread on the other. These Chinese accessories take forever to get delivered to the EU, so I'm asking if any of you knows the diameter of the thread that connects the bayonet to the tubes, and the tubes to one another. If I get this info I will immediately order a focusing helicoid (of the right length) that can be adapted (directly or via step up/down rings).
Any idea?
The photo of the tubes is attached.
Any further info about building on the cheap a focusing adapter for large projection optics is welcome. I am already a little knowledgeable about this matter, but I never considered adapting such lenses to a micro four thirds. I found that it's quite easy to fit large focusing helicoids to Sony E mount, not as easy to do the same on n4/3

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I am looking at getting an ec 20 and I am wondering what lenses work with it?

Hi. I'm a relative newbie. The manual claims that in S-AF mode, I should be able to use the manual focus ring to to fine focus adjustment after triggering single autofocus with a half-press. It doesn't seem to work. I can twiddle the manual ring all day and nothing happens. The ring works fine in manual mode. Lens is a non-pro M.Zuiko 12-200 superzoom, which I love for my most common shooting (backyard birds through windows). The situation is I have a lot of birds on the steps to our deck. AF always wants to focus on the railings. I want to tweak the focus just a hair to get the bird crisp about 6 inches past the railing. I'm usually too slow on full manual focus.

Is there some setting magic I'm missing? There's no explicit S-AF + M setting, it's just supposed to work that way, but no dice.

Rick Mott, techie but photo dilettante at best

Would you hesitate to take your E/pro camera out in the rain now and shoot? This was posed to me and I said, NO ISSUES shooting the old 4/3s in heavy rains. what you think?