E1 Error

by Ddaside88

I'm curious about the error code my E1 gives me when I press the shutter. Internet searches haven't been very useful. The screen shows



Any thoughts?

My gear is older Olympus (E-30, E-3 and E-1), which still produce excellent results (when they are functioning). The E-1 and E-30 need a bit of attention, and I hope some of you can recommend a non-Olympus (obviously) repair shop that is reliable and does excellent work. Yes, I know the cameras are old, and I can probably get another one on eBay, but it's always a gamble buying used. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes not. At least if I can get these repaired I know what I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sports photography

by Guy Roberts

Sony have just released a 400mm f2.8 lens to a lot of fanfare and good reviews. They speak to its low weight and balance and ease of use for long periods of time especially when compared to the Nikon and Canon alternatives.
The bodies used in one review were top pro and 20mp, so mp cannot be an issue to professional sports photographers.
I was wondering therefore, how the oly 300mm pro lens with the em1 mkII would stand up in this environment. It is smaller, lighter, maybe faster and a fraction of the cost. The only perceived negative could be the sensor size, but you get the same dpi prints and most images end up in newspapers or on line anyway.

Filter vignetting

by Guy Roberts

My Cokin P series filter system is causing vignetting with the 14-35 f/2 when it is used in conjunction with a polarising filter screwed onto the lens.
Cokin make a filter holder for wide angle lenses, the BPW400A, which should solve the problem, but some reviewers say that it has not solved their vignetting problems, albeit with different camera/lens combinations.
Anyone here had experience of the BPW400A on the 14-35 f/2?
Unfortunately we don't have a shop where I can go and try it out for myself.


I can't believe how little activity in the forum - I just came back to list my 150 F-2 for sale in the For Sale section and noticed hardly any activity...is the forum alive or dead??

Anyway it is priced right and in great condition - also going on Ebay....

Lens calibration

by Guy Roberts

I just watched a video on BH on phase v contrast AF.
The suggestion seems to be that lens calibration is only necessary for phase AF.
Is this right, and if so will any lens calibrations be ignored when using contrast AF?

Replacement BLM-5

by Guy Roberts

I bought an Olympus BLM-5 off Amazon, and it does not hold charge. I suspect that it is old stock as Olympus probably don't make it anymore.
Anyone have third party recommendations?

I am going through the e5 manual trying to understand all of the things the e5 is capable of, and got to Dynamic single target AF mode. However when I delve into the menu system on my camera that feature is greyed out.
Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

Upgrading sensors

by Guy Roberts

Could it be it possible to upgrade the sensor in a camera, say put an em1 sensor into an e5, or is it far too complex for that.
It just seems to me that instead of having to buy a whole new camera to get higher resolution etc, if manufacturers could make it so that you could upgrade the old sensor with the new one, cameras would last so much longer.
Just a thought.

I haven't done much shooting these past couple of years. Going through my old files, found some I thought I'd throw into the mix for comments and critiques. Thank you.