Upgrading sensors

by Guy Roberts

Could it be it possible to upgrade the sensor in a camera, say put an em1 sensor into an e5, or is it far too complex for that.
It just seems to me that instead of having to buy a whole new camera to get higher resolution etc, if manufacturers could make it so that you could upgrade the old sensor with the new one, cameras would last so much longer.
Just a thought.

I haven't done much shooting these past couple of years. Going through my old files, found some I thought I'd throw into the mix for comments and critiques. Thank you.

Merry Christmas

by Guy Roberts

Merry Christmas to you all, and may 2018 be filled with light for you and yours.


Spider Cube

by Guy Roberts

I have bought a Spyder 5 monitor calibrator and it came bundled with a Spyder Cube.
Anyone here use this device and if so how useful is it?

Wow, it's very quiet these days.. I guess I'm not the only one who stopped following Olympus 4/3 so closely once any prospect of a real E-5 upgrade faded away. I come back to admit that with all this awesome glass I'm actually finally considering the micro 4/3 body in desperation and it's like crickets in here! discus.. :tony:

Does anyone know of a place that will still service an Olympus E5? My E-5 is having some autofocus issues and after a month at Olympus they have informed me that they are unable to repair the camera body.


by Guy Roberts

Taken at Muncastle Castle in Cumbria. E5, 50mm macro, ec20.

Six frame HDR of the Corona from the August, 2017, Total Solar Eclipse as seen from Teton Springs Lodge, Idaho.
Shot with an Olympus E5 with an Olympus 50-200mm zoom and an Olympus 2x tele-exender, ISO 800, F8.0 with six exposures from 1/640 to 1/15.
Manual alignment was done in Photoshop, then imported into Easy HDR Pro, then returned to Photoshop for noise reduction, contrast enhancement, and sharpening.

Well, I did it!

by Daniel Bradley

I just got the 300/4 Pro and MC-14. Wow!:beer: What a great lens!
Samples and comments here:

This thing is so sharp it hurts my brand new eyes!;) Just got a pair of new lenses. Great!


Hey folks.
An old timer here.
But away for a long time.

I need help.

I have been sitting on (a licensed copy of) Photoshop CS3 for a l-o-n-g (obviously) time.
But it had always served my needs so I had never bothered to upgrade it.

But now...

I have upgraded my Mac OS from Lion (ouch, another "oldie") to Sierra.

Went to open Photoshop and got this popup:


I clicked on "More Info" and got this:


Can anyone advise, help me, walk me through what to do???

- it seems to want me to download the LEGACY Java that would go with my OLD LION OS
- but I don't still have Lion, I have Sierra (why does it think I still have Lion?)
- so do I download the new Java that "fits" with Sierra?
- but then is that not going to work with CS3?
- so... do I need to upgrade from CS3 to... WHAT???
- what is this "Creative Cloud" stuff? I just want an application on my computer that I can use to do stuff
and I'm not sure "Creative Cloud" sounds like what I want/need/am used to

Anybody talk with me about my CONUNDRUM?