Hi there! I am looking forward to participating in a meteorology class in about a month that includes 10 days in the field storm chasing. The goal is to capture great weather systems including lightning, cloud formations and tornadoes.

I shoot with an E500 & E520, and have a limited number of lens currently in my bag. The fastest I have is a 14-54 f/2.5-3.6 and the longest I have is a beastly slow 70-300 f/4.6-5.6. I'm feeling the need to have a better, faster lens for what I believe will be photography at a distance and possibly/probably in low light conditions. I will travel with both bodies but anticipating doing most of my shooting with the E520 due to the IS feature.

I am experienced in shooting the aurora borealis and using manual, long exposure settings on a tripod so that isn't too worrisome for me. What I'm in need of is some advice as to what lens I should be using for the type of experiences I'm anticipating. I won't be purchasing, but rather, renting from an online vendor. Any advice is welcomed!

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My first attempt at astro-photography. I was out camping and Venus looked particularly nice so I put the E-M1 + 50-200mm on the tripod. I found it incredibly difficult to focus. Even the slight slack in the focussing ring was enough to put it off. I can't understand why it's so sensitive. In daylight, focussing at infinity is no issue.

I'm thinking of moving into the world of iPads and need to know how I'd move files from my E-510 to the iPad. I know the iPad needs an attachment and I know there's one to read SD cards, but is there one the will let me transfer via USB cable the way I do to my laptop? This is the last hurdle I need to overcome before I take the plunge. I originally went with the Toshiba Thrive because of its ISB port, but it's become too outdated and I'm ready to move on. Thanks for any help.


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I am putting together a photo book. I have read on Blurb that you must not upsize the photographs as the printed image will not be good. This means that at 300dpi I am restricted to approx 10x8 reproductions.
Is anyone knowledgable on printing, I am assuming offset printing, or has experience of Blurb and can corroborate this?


Interesting article

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I found the following interesting to read :


I hope there is a simple answer to this.
I'm using an E-620 body with a Zeiss 500/8 mirror lens attached.
I'm focusing on a fence line in full sunlight maybe a couple of Km away.
With live view 10X I can focus on the wire strands of the fence.
But when I make the photo (saved as RAW plus Hi Res Jpeg), I can't see the strands in the JPEG image on the camera monitor at 14X. It's like a resolution loss between Live view and the actual taken image.
So then I opened the RAW file in Olympus Studio, saved it as a 16 bit TIFF, and then opened that in Photoshop. I lifted the histogram a bit and viewed actual pixels. But no strands of wire.
I'm using a cable release, camera is tripod mounted, IS is off, anti shock is 4 seconds, ISO is 400. Image was not over exposed, in fact a fraction under exposed
Can anyone suggest where I'm going wrong ?
It also probably explains why my moon shots are not as detailed as I expected.


by Guy Roberts

My Vanguard ball head won't hold the camera in portrait orientation, it moves.
I have read that people use blue Loctite to solve this problem.
Does anyone have any idea how I would apply the Loctite?


Took these eagle this morning with the metabones adapter, 1.4tc II, and the 400/5.6 usm l with the old em-1. the metabones firmware version was 2.2.
I only got focused when they cleared the trees.

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Massdrop.com is offering the 40-150 f/2.8 PRO for as low as $940 plus $8.75 shipping. If you're not familiar with Massdrop, they ask a number of buyers to commit to purchase an item at a certain price and if that number of buyers is reached, then that's what you pay. It just came out this morning and only 3 people are needed to get the best price.

I'm not affiliated with Massdrop in any way and don't plan to purchase this lens myself, but it seemed like a pretty good deal and I thought some group members might be interested.


LOL. DP review just now acknowledged that Olympus no longer makes 4/3 equipment and everything is now mirrorless.