[FONT="]Hi all


[FONT="]Anyone got a G80/85 and battery grip


[FONT="]If yes can I ask you to do a little test for me.


[FONT="]Turn off the grip so none of the buttons work


[FONT="]Check that half pressure of the camera's shutter button focuses the lens


[FONT="]Then press and hold the grips shutter button (Nothing should happen)


[FONT="]The whilst holding the grips shutter button, half press the camera's shutter button.


[FONT="]What happens


[FONT="]On mine the shutter trips the instant focus is attained without needing to fully press the camera's shutter button.[/FONT]

[FONT="]Is it the same on yours.


[FONT="]Thanks for any help with this




by Edmunds

I was doing some cutting of my Thuja trees, and saw a small bird flying in and out of one of them. Decided to check it out, and found this little family!

Olympus E-M5 + 60mm f/2.8

Nothing whatever to do with 4/3 but I thought some of you might be interested. Went to run some my old super 8 movies through the projector with a view of having them digitised. The rewind spool failed to work and bits of yellow plastic fell out of the projector. Opened it up and found that a yellow plastic worm-gear had disintegrated. The projector is a Eumig S934. Eumig went belly up 35 years ago. I did a bit of research and found these guys in Holland that run the video servicing company Van Eck Video Services. Apparently plastic worm-gear failure is common in Eumigs, so much so that these enterprising young lads are 3D printing this part. I bought the part, got it in a few weeks, installed it and I was back in business, so to speak. This is the youtube video of how they did the 3D printing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-m9m_U_Cb4 . This is how to replace the worm-gear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HGUY2mnSRA .

OM-D M10 Presets

by hotoru

I have an Olympus PEN PL5 and am considering upgrading to OMD M10 1 or 2. I am wondering if any of these cameras have the option of setting a group settings presets that allow you to set Aperture/Shutter speed and ISO as a preset and a different Aperture/shutter speed/ iso and another preset such that you could quickly switch between the two, maybe via one of the dials. I thought I would be able to discover this via internet search. But, either I am not using correct terms or the functionality does not exist.

We shoot the kids on stage indoors and the rapidly changing scenes, lighting and movement of subjects makes it difficult to change settings quickly.

Help appreciated

Lightroom Solutions http://lightroomsolutions.com/ is a web site operated by John Beardsworth. I've been in contact with John. He has just launched a Fuji plugin to allow Fuji camera profiles to be automatically applied to raw files when imported into LR. He hopes to have an Olympus one out in about a month. At the moment we have to select the camera profile manually in the develop module of LR. I nearly always forget.

Historic Lighthouse

by Robert Watcher

Point Clark Lighthouse, Ontario Canada

Has anyone worked out a good way of digitising slides using the 60mm f2.8 macro? There a number of relatively cheap units available but they all seem to designed with the Nikon 60mm macro or similar. With a bit of testing with the 60mm macro, a lens to slide distance of 125mm is about right to fill the 4/3 sensor with a 35mm slide so I guess one of the units on the marke plus extensions tubes might work but I don't know the dimensions. BTW, B&H are offering the Kaiser slide duplicator for $223.50USD whereas what appears to be identical or at least a exact knock-off, is the Polaroid slide duplicator offered by Amazon for $34.99USD.

Live histogram

by Guy Roberts

I use the info button a lot, first to check the histogram, then for the electronic level.
This works well in landscape format, but finding the info button when holding the camera in portrait mode is a pain.
i have the battery grip so I decided to assign the info button functions to the b-fn2 button.
This has proved to be not possible but somewhere in the process I have messed up the live histogram function which now only works in live view mode and not through the evf. By this I mean that when I change the exposure compensation the histogram would change, but now it doesn't.
Any ideas on how to get the live histogram feature back in the evf?


I just got a pinhole adapter for my camera. Fits to camera fine, but the shutter won't fire with the adapter mounted. Shutter fires fine with any lens or without a lens.

I read where other folks have used the adapter, so I assume I have a setting wrong. Tried lots of stuff with no luck.

Any ideas, suggestions or solutions?


Scorpion Macro shots

by Lucian_rider

I found this little fella crawling over my living room floor, he was only about 2" long from tail to claws.

Shot using the 60 mm Macro, manual focus and stacked focus images. Two for the first and three for the second. I guess I should have put him on a better surface than the plastic container I housed him in... Much to my wife's disgust I released him into the garden later!