Black and White Street

by Robert Watcher

The kid didn't know he was mimicking the sign behind him:


Straight up Black and White

by Robert Watcher

Straight up Black and White Images this afternoon. Olympus EM10 w/40-150 kit lens - shot in Monochrome mode:

This is one of the young ladies fro the local college.
I know not many of you have an interest in people photography, but I would like to know how you think I am doing.

Please tell me the way to filter the photo forum by prefix. Thanks.

a young lady from the local college

I know there's still a lot of affection out there for the E-1. My two are long in the hands of other owners, but they show up from time to time. So, the question for those of you who still own these beauties, when do you pull the old girl out for some use? Other than nostalgia, what does it still do well enough that you'd reach for it?

Finally getting back to taking some pics. Young Magpies have fledged, learned to fly, but still stick together.
The Wilson's Snipe is unusally tame.
Taken with the E-5 & 300 2.8 & 2x tc from car window resting on sandbags.

Roberta aka Birdie, has been shooting with the

[FONT=verdana]Panasonic 100-400 , and Olympus 300mm lenses with her [/FONT]


You can find her here:


[FONT="]Hi all


[FONT="]Anyone got a G80/85 and battery grip


[FONT="]If yes can I ask you to do a little test for me.


[FONT="]Turn off the grip so none of the buttons work


[FONT="]Check that half pressure of the camera's shutter button focuses the lens


[FONT="]Then press and hold the grips shutter button (Nothing should happen)


[FONT="]The whilst holding the grips shutter button, half press the camera's shutter button.


[FONT="]What happens


[FONT="]On mine the shutter trips the instant focus is attained without needing to fully press the camera's shutter button.[/FONT]

[FONT="]Is it the same on yours.


[FONT="]Thanks for any help with this




by Edmunds

I was doing some cutting of my Thuja trees, and saw a small bird flying in and out of one of them. Decided to check it out, and found this little family!

Olympus E-M5 + 60mm f/2.8