I was very, very fortunate to be with the right people (mostly birders and photo/birders) when the Least Bitterns were first sighted. Also, since the young were on one side of the trail and the marsh, where the parents hunted fish, was on the other side. The parents had to fly over the people on the path or wait for a quiet moment and burst out of the reeds and cross the path very low. The young were climbing up the little trees to get fed.

Very exciting time for about two weeks.

I made the trip to Douglas in central Wyoming for the eclipse event. It was exciting, indeed. There were no clouds at the time, but the air was heavy with smoke from the huge forest fires in the western part of Montana and eastern Idaho. You will see some of that in the glow surrounding the sun in the second and third images, which normally would be jet black. The pic with sun's corona at maximum came out fairly well. F 5.7. Had some wind so upped the iso more than I intended to 500 to get enough shutter speed. There's lots of guesswork in such things, and one has to act in haste, putting filters off and on, etc. --it happens quickly and not without anxiety to "capture the moment." If I live to see another one, I'll just lay back and watch it for the magic and mystery that it is.
Taken with the E-5, 300 2.8 and 2X tc, the combination producing 24X. No cropping on the first shot.

Grunge Walls

by Robert Watcher

Thousands of textured Wall images and I never have to repeat the same one. A few recent pics from Xela:

Back to the E5

by Guy Roberts

Went out for a shoot this morning and set the camera up, composed the shot, turned around to get an nd grad when I heard a crash. A small gust of wind had blown the kit off the cliff edge .
So with the EM1 gone it's back to the trusty E5. Sure feels big and heavy though.

Black and White Street

by Robert Watcher

The kid didn't know he was mimicking the sign behind him:


Straight up Black and White

by Robert Watcher

Straight up Black and White Images this afternoon. Olympus EM10 w/40-150 kit lens - shot in Monochrome mode:

This is one of the young ladies fro the local college.
I know not many of you have an interest in people photography, but I would like to know how you think I am doing.

Please tell me the way to filter the photo forum by prefix. Thanks.

a young lady from the local college

I know there's still a lot of affection out there for the E-1. My two are long in the hands of other owners, but they show up from time to time. So, the question for those of you who still own these beauties, when do you pull the old girl out for some use? Other than nostalgia, what does it still do well enough that you'd reach for it?