Scorpion Macro shots

by Lucian_rider

I found this little fella crawling over my living room floor, he was only about 2" long from tail to claws.

Shot using the 60 mm Macro, manual focus and stacked focus images. Two for the first and three for the second. I guess I should have put him on a better surface than the plastic container I housed him in... Much to my wife's disgust I released him into the garden later!

Well got a Rokinon 10mm today

by Future Assassin

and well the lens is kind messed up. Can still take photos but the zoom ring has up and down movement (if holding the lens straight it would be vertical movement/backlash) which causes the focus to change. I didn't discover it till I was shooting something looking straight down and couldn't get it to focus. So lesson learnt, if you get a Chinese lens check for any non rotational play in the focus ring.

I took the lens apart and it should be fixable, I'll try to take some shots but it might look like two of the lens metal pieces might have been glued together and the glue separated allowing the backlash. I thought it might have been some kind of lube but it wouldn't scrape off. I can't see it not being fixable and there's a camera repair shop in Vancouver I'll take it to next week. I got the lens for $200 so hopefully if its not more than $100 to fix still got a deal as I was about buy a new one for $600 CDN.

After some reading the focus ring on the Rokinon/Samyang seems to have some issues in long term use. Will have to see if anyone other manufacturer (Canon/Pentax/Nikon/etc..) makes rectilinear lenses and use an adapter.

Two images from it. Crappy day and well the lens needs either big landscape space or large city type setting to be useful. I didn't sharpen them.

Anyone used these for a while? What's the QC like for long term usage? I'm wanting to get a UW Rectilinear lens and was interested in the Laowa 15mm and the up coming 7mm but some posted have had issues with the 15mm that cropped up after some time. I haven't seen any user reports from M43 people as I guess the 15mm might be not wide enough but from some info seems like it might be an interesting wide angle marco and cityscape lens.

em1/14-35 f2

by Guy Roberts

Do you think that using the 14-35 f2 on the em1 could damage the camera physically?
It is a very heavy lens at 900g, nearly as much as the 50-200 which has a tripod collar.


Birds in a pond

by tomsi42

Took my trusty old E-30 and 50-200mm out for a spin.

Always late to the game

by Future Assassin

Wasn't really looking update my E5, maybe to a G85 but picked up a mint used EM1.1 for $600 CDN. Figure for that price I can look over even with no FAS.

Good evening Folks,

I received an email from Profoto today and they'll be offering an Air Remote that supports Olympus' flash system. I'm not invested in their equipment, but perhaps their endorsement will prompt more support.

Take care,


by Phinehas

As I said, nature is not one of my real interest in photography, but today my wife and I visited the local National Park, me with the EM! and 75-300 and she with the TG-4. I didn't even have intentions of bird photos but this one was nearby and I thought, why not give it a shot. I rarely get a nature shot that is acceptable but I was happy with this one so I thought I'd share it with all the bird pro's here on the forum.

Processed in LR and PS.

Thank you for viewing.

George Washington Carver Park
by Lorey Barnum, on Flickr

I just found a great little DOF app for Android, "HyperFocal". Unlike other apps, it's clear to read and easy to use. I was about to go out for a walk around then realised my 12-40mm f2.8 PRO doesn't have any sort of distance scale. Neither does my 45mm f1.8. What gives? Doesn't anyone use hyperfocal distance anymore?


by Future Assassin

Anyone here do printing on Linux? I'm using Mint 18.1+TurboPrint+Pixa Pro 10. I have no issues with printing but can't get the colors right especially blues and reds. Its a bit weird as some photos look close but some the saturation is way off (too much saturation) . I can print B&W and it comes out 95% of what I see on my screen (which is calibrated) and unless the person sees the screen they'd be hard pressed to know something is off in the print.