What is everyone using and what storage capacity?

Next Gen Sensor?

by Geodesic

Any word on the next gen m4/3 sensor? FF sensors are up to around 50MP while m4/3 has been stuck at 20 for years. Just wondering.

I made a bunch of bookmarks for family and friends as gifts and let them choose what they wanted. Here are some of them. It wasn't easy finding ones to fit. Some of them have extra space on one side, but it couldn't be helped, because they're only 2" x 6". They were a hit. My mother got a stack of them about an inch high. :D
I believe all but one were taken with my E-1.


Olympus E-5 Still in Use

by Michael Messner

I am still using my Olympus E-5 System. I made a very short video explaning why.

Haven’t checked in for quite some time, but my wife recently bought a Canon 80D, so we’ve been doing some shooting lately. I still have my E-510, but I’m wondering if there’s an adapter that would let us mount my Zuiko 50-200 SWD lens and if it’s worth doing. Does anyone here know?

The E-M1 Mark II is a complicated camera. It’s many configurable buttons and some configurable menus make it especially challenging. I really didn’t realize for several weeks after I got the camera that some of its menus were configurable. People would talk on one of the forums about setting a menu option and I would look it up on my cameras menu and not be able to find it. That was because I hadn’t configured the menu to offer me the option I was looking for. So, how to learn about all this stuff I was missing? I took the free and obvious first step of going to the Olympus web site and downloading the camera manual. It’s useful, and I recommend it. However, the typical Olympus translation to English always leaves something to be desired, and while it outlined all the camera settings, it usually didn’t explain what they did or how they worked. I still needed more information. I finally found it in a book called Mastering the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II by Darrell Young. It’s available in Kindle format and hard copy. I’d recommend the hard copy because you’ll be using it as a reference work and flipping back and forth through it and that isn’t convenient with a Kindle. It’s also quite expensive. I have no connection to the author or to any location retailing that book. Just thought you should be aware that there is a book available that really does explain this complicated camera.

Just as an aside, did you know that while working in the menu system of the camera, pressing the INFO button on the back of the camera will bring up a little help screen providing more information on the menu choice you’ve currently hilighted?

The short answer is to definitely use sRGB:


Good shooting,

English Bob

I've been having considerable luck with capturing moving subjects with my E-M1 mkii since firmware 3 was applied. I'm currently using the same settings for both BIF and ground animals. I'm working on the theory that even if the ground animals aren't moving when I start shooting they could move at any time, even if its just to turn their heads. The settings I'm using are as follows:

[SIZE=5][FONT=Open Sans]CAF+TR+2, 5x5 Points, Center Priority ON, Center Start OFF[/FONT]

[FONT=Open Sans]The larger and slower water birds are easy. The smaller, more agile or erratic like barn swallows are very hard for me though I [/FONT]
[FONT=Open Sans]suspect[/FONT][FONT=Open Sans] [SIZE=5]that my age and failing reflexes have more to do with it than the camera. [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]

If you ever wanted to know what secret information your Olympus camera is recording about itself, including things like number of shutter activations, flash activations, failure codes and many other things, the procedures outlined here will tell you:


Section 1 is mostly about the legacy cameras and Section 2 is mostly about the current cameras such as the OM-D series. If you choose to explore this information, be sure you have a fully charged battery in the camera and read the instructions carefully before you push any buttons.

As most of you know, if the focus of your lens is a little off, it can be corrected with an adjustment in your camera menu (menu A2-AF Focus adj on the O-MD E-M1 ii). Whether or not to do this has been a matter of interesting discussion on the other forum. A current and ongoing discussion of it is here;

And an even better discussion of some time ago is here: